216 Broad Street I New London, CT 06320


Fax: 860-448-4885

Emergency After Hours: 860-445-2000


LLHD has a staff of friendly professionals dedicated to protecting the public's health. We look forward to helping you!

You can reach any member of our staff by calling 860.448.4882 or by email at firstinitiallastname@llhd.org. Extension numbers and email links are included below.

  Staff Name


Phone (860.448.4882)


  Katie Baldwin

Supervisor, Regulated Facilities & Housing 

extension 1319


  Cindy Barry

Senior Health Program Coordinator

extension 1302


  Michael Bibens

Sanitarian I 

extension 1310


  Wendy Brown-Arnold

Supervisor, Land-Use Activities

extension 1355


  Mary Buckley-Davis

Senior Health Program Coordinator

extension 1308


  George Calkins

Senior Sanitarian

860-434-1605 extension 224


  Tyler Do-Taylor

Administrative Assistant

extension 1346


  Catherine Dragoo

Grants Manager

extension 1312


  Estelle Harrison

Project Assistant

extension 1314


  Danielle Holmes

Sanitarian II

extension 1329


  Karl Jennings

Ledyard Prevention Coalition Youth Coordinator

extension 1335


  Kris Magnussen

Supervisor, Communicable Disease Prevention

extension 1331


  Kerensa Mansfield

Health Program Coordinator II

extension 1309


  Stephen Mansfield

Director of Health

extension 1307


  Russell Melmed

Epidemiologist, Supervisor, Health Education/Community Outreach

extension 1311


  Ryan McCammon

Supervisor, Environmental Health

extension 1301


  Jennifer Muggeo

Supervisor, Administration, Finance & Special Projects

extension 1300


  Patti Myers

Environmental Technician

860-434-1605 extension 214


  Chris Seery

Sanitarian I

extension 1351


  Charlene Swink

Sanitarian I

extension 1395


  Kimberly White 

Senior Sanitarian

extension 1313


  Gabriella Watstein

Environmental Technician

extension 1397


  Carolyn Wilson

Health Program Coordinator II

extension 1318