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Restaurants and Licensed Kitchens

Ledge Light Health District is responsible for licensing and regulating activities involving the preparation and service of food that is sold or given to the public within LLHD. This includes restaurants and licensed kitchens, temporary events, and vendors.

Although the codes and regulations regarding food service inspection are complex, you can get a better understanding of the inspection criteria (a risk-based, 100 point system, with debit items ranging from 1-4 points) from the Compliance Guide for Food Service Inspections.

The frequency of food establishment inspections is based on an establishment’s classification. The more complex the food preparation procedures are, the more frequently an establishment must be inspected. Facilities hot holding food that allows the growth of illness-causing bacteria also require a Qualified Food Operator and food safety training of all staff.

The following activities are performed by the District Sanitarians:

  • Periodically inspect all establishments that prepare and serve food that is sold or given to the public.
  • Review plans and conduct construction inspections for new food service establishments to assure compliance with the CT Public Code.
  • Investigate all complaints associated with food service establishments.
  • Identify and investigate all reports of foodborne illness (food poisoning).

LLHD also responds to all inquiries or complaints regarding food establishments. To make a complaint, please complete our citizen complaint form.


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